Your First Visit

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Extraordinary patient-first care and professionalism set us apart.

Your First Visit

We realize that you have enough to handle when you're in pain and/or discomfort. That's why we make the time you spend with us more convenient:

  • Minimal waiting for appointments
  • New patients seen in a timely manner
  • Early morning & evening appointments available
  • Saturday morning appointments
  • Convenient location
  • Most insurances accepted and filed

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Our office is different from the others you have visited. In our office you will not be rushed in/out for your treatment. We spend the amount of time needed to answer your questions and concerns along with providing the needed treatment to minimize your symptoms and your quanity of visits. We feel that brief visits are not a good use of your or our time and in fact in many instances they do not provide enough benefit therapeutically to warrant care.

At Fall Creek Chiropractic we use leading edge manual "hands-on" therapy techniques. We use them because they work, they work fast, and they work to remedy your problem instead of "band-aiding" your symptoms or pain. We get to the root of the problem which is the imbalances in your muscles and skeletal system that are driving your joint and muscular condition.

It is likely this successful approach that has resulted in our office being considered the place of choice for many Indianapolis area medical doctors, osteopaths, physical therapists, coaches, and personal trainers to not only refer their difficult cases but also to seek treatment for their own personal (and family) physical ailments and injuries. We see this as the greatest compliment these professionals can give us, their trust.

What to Expect

The first thing you will do is fill out our intake forms, unless done online. These forms ask about your current problem, personal health history, medications, and family health history. You will also want to bring comfortable clothing with you. We will then begin by asking you to tell us your story: what happened, when, under what conditions, treatment you have had, and your response to treatment. We will ask very specific questions to understand how your problem happened. An exam will take place and consists of functional tests, orthopedic tests, neurological tests, soft tissue assessment, and joint assessment. We combine this data to figure out what's wrong. If possible, we find a test that reproduces your symptoms. For example, if while watching you lunge we see you lean forward, we will suspect weak hamstrings. If this also causes knee pain, a link has been established between weak hamstrings and your knee pain. As a result of the pertinent information gathered in the history and exam an accurate diagnosis is determined, explained to you in a detailed way you can understand, and allows us to discuss with you a suggested treatment plan. As always, we will constantly monitor your situation and adjust the treatment as necessary. When your problem has been resolved, you will be discharged from care. At that time we will review what you had and what you need to do to minimize your chances of the problem recurring.

Lets get started!

Contact us to schedule an appointment or consultation. Fall Creek Chiropractic in Fishers, IN provides a supportive environment in which you can feel at ease to discuss your complaint and establish your goals. Our chiropractor, Dr. Dean Wiggers will educate you further on the evaluation of your case, treatment process, and help you decide the best course of action to achieve your desired outcome. If our office, Fall Creek Chiropractic, cannot provide you the care you need we will refer you to the appropriate office. We are committed to guiding you towards a solution that aligns with your personal condition and maintains your health.