Our Methods of Care

We add positive motivation to your recovery efforts

Our Methods of Care

Compassion, a positive attitude and a one-on-one hands on approach go a long way. We care, and we show it. We're enthusiastic, motivated and positive with our patients. We always take the time to explain procedures and recommendations thoroughly.

We also provide thorough exams, discuss options, explain programs and answer your questions. We never rush you. The chiropractor will be there, right beside you, every step of the way on your journey to recovery.

The result of this personal care: We have a long list of satisfied patients and doctors who frequently refer their family members and friends to us -- so we can return them to work, sports and daily life, quickly and safely.

To achieve optimal results, we at Fall Creek Chiropractic use the latest evaluation and treatment technology. This combination of leading-edge equipment and one-on-one care will ease your discomfort and speed your recovery. Our approach is from a neuro/biomechanical perspective that is strongly supported by the latest scientific studies. We not only relieve pain, but also improve function by restoring freedom of motion, and improve nervous system function by manipulating both the spinal column and the body's extremities.

We offer an array of effective treatments and rehabilitation equipment. Our enthusiastic care team customizes your treatments and tailors exercise programs to get rapid results. Our goal is to restore you to optimal function and improve your quality of life. We emphasize your abilities and encourage prevention, health and fitness as a way of life so you can do all the things you enjoy.

Our Treatment Objectives:

  1. Resolve your condition. Our primary treatment objective is to resolve whatever condition you are dealing with. We are not interested in seeing you for the same condition over and over again.
  2. Provide you with a rehabilitative strategy so your condition does not return. Every patient who is treated at our clinic is given appropriate rehabilitative exercises. These exercises focus on the four cornerstones of rehabilitation: flexibility, strength, cardiovascular, and balance.
  3. We want you to understand why we applied the treatment protocols that we used. We like to explain our treatment protocols to our patients so they are comfortable with each procedure and understand the logic behind each treatment procedure.
  4. Improve the services that we provide. We are contantly taking courses to further our knowledge to ensure we provide you with the best service possible.
  5. We want to know how we are doing. We work very hard at surpassing the treatment objectives for which you came to our clinic. To do this, we need your feedback, certainly we want to know if you are happy with the treatment, but even more importantly, we want to know if we are not meeting your objectives.