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Complimentary Consultation:
We value the care you receive and you should too.  At Fall Creek Chiropractic we don't want to minimize the care that is given by offering an incentive for treatment.  We want our patients to feel a need to come in and receive what we and others have determined is excellent care.  Are you tired of spending another moment living in discomfort and suffering silently as the pain worsens?  Look no further, because everything you've always wanted to relieve discomfort and live pain free is here at Fall Creek Chiropractic. We are passionate about our patient care, and our 10 years of experience proves it. 
However, we will provide an appointment to have a complimentary consultation with Dr. Wiggers.  The time will be spent discussing your complaint and concerns, whether chiropractic care could benefit you, and an opportunity to get to know Dr. Wiggers and his staff.  This is offered for your convenience and we will answer any questions that you may have.  There is no commitment required and purely informative for you. 

Call our office at the phone number, 317.577.1744, to schedule this appointment.
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