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Fall Creek Chiropractic

"I have suffered from lower back pain for over 5 years now, and it was getting progressively worse. I started with tightness and progressed to the point where I was having serious sciatic pain issues in my back, hip and leg. I couldn't even sit for more than 20 minutes. Doctors, MRI's, and physical therapy brought no real relief.

I was then referred to Dr. Wiggers by a friend. I was skeptical because I had been to a chiropractor back when I was in high school dealing with a tennis injury, and it wasn't a good experience. I felt like he was just trying to go for a quick fix, and then find new "issues" to "treat", even though my first area of pain was never improving. 

My experience with Dr. Wiggers has been completely different.  Not only has my back problem significantly improved, but I feel as though he is not just going for a quick fix, but a long term solution to my back problems. He seems to be more focused on me and my well being, versus focusing on his own business. That is hard to find these days."

Ryan M.
Fishers, IN

"We moved down from Wisconsin a few years ago and were looking to find a "family friendly" chiropractor as we have 4 small children.  The first chiropractor we started out with was very pleasant and accommodating, but we soon found ourselves feeling like it was more about scheduling us again for another appointment rather than treating the symptoms.

My wife and I went on the search again for a family chiropractor when we most fortunately found Dr. Wiggers.  We have been so satisfied with the care we receive from him and are very pleased with how "child friendly" he and his staff are as well.  We no longer feel that we're just a number to get another appointment scheduled.  Furthermore, it is so refreshing to have someone take the time necessary to converse and treat the symptoms and not feel like we're being rushed out the door for the next patient."

We couldn't be more pleased and would recommend Fall Creek Chiropractic to anyone."

The Burzynski's (Steve, Cindy, Riley, Ellie, Haydn, and Mason)
Fishers, IN

"All I can say is Dr. Wiggers is wonderful.  He is understanding and takes the time to answer all your questions and values the problem.  He does more than just adjustments.  He does a lot of therapy which other chiropractors never did.  Dr. Wiggers takes the time to solve the problem.  I highly recommend him."

Connie H.
Fishers, IN

"I had a traumatic fall last year. I have had countless injections, physical therapy, pain meds, tens unit and nothing worked with other specialists and M.D.'s.  I have so much to say about Dr Wiggers but will make this brief.  Dr. Wiggers is amazing truly. Although I still have some discomfort, I have only been with him three times. His approach bedside manner, working with me is gentle and honest. He is someone I would highly recommend and trust.  He takes time with you and will answer as many questions as you may have which most doctors do NOT do.  He is caring and sympathetic to your pain physically and emotionally.  Most doctors you're a number not with Dr. WIggers you are a patient.  I appreciate the care and will continue with Dr Wiggers because I know he can give me the relief I need.  His office assistant is also friendly and helpful with any questions you may have prior to your visit with the doctor."
Lori U.
Fishers, IN

"Dr. Wiggers is a gentle, honest, effective, and personable physician, a man of high integrity and a rare find!  No hocus-pocus will be found at this office, just sound effectual relief from pain and discomfort.  And, his office staff (Diane) is altogether helpful and friendly!"
Robert & Terry D.
Fishers, IN
"I was just thinking over the weekend that I hadn't been in for a while since I haven't been having any issues.  I wanted to thank you getting me into some orthotic inserts for my shoes.  Since getting them, my back issues and feet issues have subsided dramatically.  I just wanted to take a minute and say thanks for your help with this."
Ryan L.
Indianapolis, IN

"I just wanted to tell you how nice it was on our first visit with you and those that work there. Debbee was running late and when she called it seemed to be no real problem. That was the first surprise. The second was how nice you and your staff were during our visit. Patty(I hope I have the name right) was kind enough to talk to me during Debbee's exam and treatment which made it a very pleasant wait. Then she answered all our questions we had. The following morning she called with the benefits our insurance provided then said if there was anything else she could do to let her or your office know.
It is nice to find such a nice place to work with on such personal matters, you and those that work there make it a very nice experience. I can not tell you how glad Debbee and I are to have found you. Thank you for you time and your help, Debbee is already with just the one treatment feeling better and looking forward to her next visit. So thank you and I am sure we will be seeing you not only next Tuesday but for some time to come."

Lowell and Debbee Y.
Lapel, IN

"I have been suffering with horrible Plantar Fascia pain for approximately 2 years, had bilateral partial release surgery by a podiatrist, a trip to Canada for ESWT and nothing has helped.  As a result of Dr. Wiggers my feet are really getting better and I'm wearing an orthotic that was meticulously fitted for my problem.  He's taken me from 'I gave up years ago, to good grief.'  I'm actually experiencing significant improvement (and I do mean significant).  I say it in those terms because I genuinely gave up, quite a long time ago.  I've now turned the corner and can honestly say I'm improving."
Dan L.
Indianapolis, IN
"I went to Dr. Wiggers after a neck injury from carry my 20 lb baby around in my baby bjorn grocery shopping. I could NOT move my neck the next day. He is GREAT! My husband and I have both been to him and both of us were skeptical of chiropractors before our visits. Highly recommend. Fall creek chiropractic."
Jodi O.
Fishers, IN

"I would like to thank you for your time and professional care.  Your staff was friendly and able to work around my busy schedule.  As a first time visitor to a Chiropractor, I was not sure what to expect in regards to treatment and recovery time.  I was very pleased when you took the time to listen to my issues and then explain each step of treatment.  I dealt with lower back pain for over a month prior to coming into your office, because I tend to be hesitant in visiting any type of medical care facility.  Reluctantly I made the decision the pain was no longer worth it and I scheduled an appointment.  After only a few treatments and adhering to your instructions on how to ease the tension in my lower back, I am now feeling relaxed and renewed.  Taking time to allow a professional to evaluate and mend my pain was well worth it.  I understand why you come so highly recommended."

Andy K.
Fishers, IN

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