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Effective manual skills are vital to successful chiropractic treatment

Dr. Dean Wiggers is Fall Creek Chiropractic's Clinical Director.  Dr. Wiggers is a native of southwestern Michigan where he graduated from Grand Valley State University with a degree in BioMedical Sciences.  From there he went to National College of Chiropractic (now National University of Health Sciences) in Lombard, Illinois.  He practiced for 6 years in the suburbs of Chicago, before moving his family here to open Fall Creek Chiropractic in 2005.​​

Dr. Wiggers believes in using an integrated approach to health care that combines the effectiveness of several disciplines to provide a more rounded approach. He does not believe in "gadget" based chiropractic care.  His philosophy is based upon strong manual skills and treatment tailored to each individual patient.

He resides here in Fishers with his wife, a physical therapist working in a large local acute care setting, and their 2 children. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, reading, running, tennis, and golf.  
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